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From £250 - all donations go towards our operas   From £1,500 - all donations go towards the "Lavatorium Rotundum" and new theatre

Becoming an Annual Member gives you access to a variety of exclusive events, the chance to meet the cast and conductor - and access to priority booking for both tickets and dining.

The Department of Revels: book from 23rd October
The School of Hippocrates: book from 20th November
The School of Archimedes: book from 4th December
The School of Plato: book from 8th January

Public booking opens on 5th February.


The campaign is to raise £700,000 from individuals whose signatures will appear on the Wall of Nature. Join the...

Royal Flush and you will be commemorated on one of the 47 Ministry of Defence lightshades
Call of Nature to have your name inscribed on the Wall of Nature

Grange Park Opera is a charity (No. 1068046) and requires good will and generosity to make marvellous things happen. Please contact us by e-mail or on 01962 73 73 60 if you have any questions around support.

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The minimum donation to join the Royal Flush is £5,000. For more information, please contact us on 01962 73 73 73.

  1. Please let us know how you would like your credit to appear in our 2018 Festival programme. For example:

    Mr. John Smith
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    Mr. John & Mrs. Rosie Smith
    The Smith Foundation

100% of your donation goes to Grange Park Opera, a registered charity, no. 1068046.