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From £125 - all donations go towards our work in prison   All donations go towards our work in Primary Schools
Around 2,000 people are coming to Sweet Charity at HMP Bronzefield, our 27th collaboration with prisoners.

Please support this vital work and be the first to hear about our next prison extravaganza.
Judge: £550
Governor: £275
Jailbird: £125

Since September 2013, Primary Robins has brought music and singing into the lives of nearly 2,000 schoolchildren across 16 schools who have little exposure to it. These weekly singing lessons, free of charge, help build confidence.

Support a Round of Robins: £300
Build a Nest: £150
Feed a Robin: £40
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The suggested minimum donation to become a Home Secretary is £1,100. For more information, please contact us on 01962 73 73 73.

  1. Please let us know how you would like your credit to appear in our 2018 Pimlico Opera programme. For example:

    Mr. John Smith
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    Mr. John & Mrs. Rosie Smith
    The Smith Foundation

100% of your donation goes to Pimlico Opera, a registered charity, no. 1003836.