Opera Listings

Tickets for our summer season go on sale to the Pioneers at 10am on Tuesday 9th October. You can get priority booking for the best tickets and dining options by joining a school of support online.

Public booking opens at 10am on Tuesday 5th February 2019.

Other events 2019
Sat 20/10/18 11:00AM Backstage Tours

Grange Park 2019
Don Carlo
A bitter father-son rivalry ignites in the Spanish court in the grip of the malign Inquisition when Don Carlo finds that his intended bride, Elisabetta, has been promised to his father, King Philip II. What follows is a meltdown of molten intensity.

Grange Park 2019
Porgy & Bess
Borrowing the story from a play and novel of the same name, Gershwin turned the tale of Porgy, a disabled man who tries to rescue Bess from the threats of her abusive partner and her drug dealer, into an epic. Will Porgy’s love be enough to conquer Bess’s demons? The odds are stacked against, but that won’t stop the noble Porgy from trying...

Grange Park 2019
Hansel & Gretel
The forest is a dark place – as Hansel & Gretel discover when they go to pick strawberries and end up as potential dessert themselves. It might be a fairy tale, but Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera presents the haunting themes of the unsettling Grimm story with a good dollop of icing on the cake – together with enchanting music.

Possibly the world's most glamorous opera star, Joyce DiDonato is a consummate artist. Her repertoire stretches from Danny Boy to Massenet; her awards stretch from Olivier to Grammy; she has appeared at every major opera house... and also at the base of the Eiffel Tower in the Bastille Day concert. Grange Park Opera is honoured to welcome Joyce for the 2019 summer season where she will cast her exquisite magic on the exquisite Theatre in the Woods.
Thu 11/7/19 6:00PM A Starry Night with Joyce DiDonato