Hansel & Gretel

Sunday, 23 June, 2019 6:00PM

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Hansel & Gretel


Before their parents return, Hansel and Gretel must tackle a lot of housework. Hansel is too hungry to work; Gretel coaxes him to carry on. There is a delicious tempting bottle of milk which a neighbour has given their mother to make rice pudding. Hansel can't resist it and sips the top cream. Gretel tries to scold him – but she is caught up with his high spirits.

Their mother returns and she is very angry. Threatening to beat them, she bumps into the precious milk and knocks it over: that is the end of their supper. She sends the children out to scavenge for whatever they can find and prays to God that she will be able to provide food for her family.

The father, a broom-maker, returns home. Though he is drunk he has acquired enough food for the family by selling all his brooms. His wife is ecstatic at such a bonanza – until she remembers how she raged at the children and how she had sent them out alone to scavenge. The father is horrified; he has heard about a Witch who kidnaps children and eats them.

They set out in search of their children.


Hansel and Gretel are happy in their adventure. Gretel crowns Hansel with a garland; he takes the garland and crowns her Queen of Make-believe. In their make-believe world, Gretel orders food from her servants. A cuckoo calls. They realise they have eaten all the food and night is imminent. They know their mother will be furious if they don't get home soon with something for the family to eat.

They try to retrace their steps and realise they are lost. They hear a distant voice but are too frightened to call out for help. A kind little man appears. He tells them to relax and close their eyes and drift off to dreamland. He sprinkles them with sand and the children drift off. Gretel reminds Hansel to say their prayers. Angels watch over them.


It is morning and the dew fairy rouses them with a splattering of dew. They are excited to see an edible house and they have a nibble. A Witch emerges and captures them. She imprisons Hansel, telling Gretel that her brother needs fattening up. It is Gretel's task to help her with her oven.

Sneakily, Gretel uses a spell to free Hansel, and the two children push the Witch into the oven. Because the Witch is dead, all her previous captive children come back to life. Hansel and Gretel rejoice when their parents appear. The family is reunited.